24 September 2008

Day Five.

Deployment is pass or fail. It doesn't matter how you get through it as long as you do. You just have to pass. That is the BEST thing I have heard yet. I have my days and I may seriously think this is suck city, but as long as I pass and get through this that is all that matters.

Things seem ok today! Jason called last night twice. Thank goodness for the second time because the first time I thought for some reason it was my alarm clock and I might have hit the off button (surprise!). I am so glad he has been able to call because I think that really helps with adjustment. It gives me something to look forward to and I like to know he is doing ok.

I'm working on a list of 101 things. The project concept is Day Zero (http://triplux.com/dayzero/default.asp). It is the idea of accomplishing 101 things in 1001 days. I have been working on my list for awhile, and I plan on posting it and keeping track of it on the side of the blog. My goal is to accomplish the whole list in 365 days. We shall see in the future what happens!