23 September 2008

Day Four.

Bye bye Alaska! I never thought I would be upset leaving Alaska, but last night when Kristene dropped me off at the airport I was super sad. I was sad to be leaving some amazing friends behind. I'm not sure if I hugged Kristene five or six times I just know I wanted to go back with her haha. When I got on the plane and we took off I felt a million emotions. My journey without Jason and the life I have grown to love in Alaska was about to be put on the back burner and a temporary one to begin right at that moment.

It was a LONG trip to Michigan. I was so thankful to see my dad when he picked Emmie and I up. The conversations we had on the long car ride back to their house helped ease my mind and feel as if I'm not alone. So here I am. I am officially staying with my parents until some time next year. I NEVER thought I would ever live at home again. It is a bit of an adjustment ha, but I do know Jason feels more at ease having me here and not so far away and alone. This bedroom though we are going to have to do something about that because the high school theme is really not too appealing anymore.

I'm feeling a little more positive, but have my moments. Thank God well ok not him, but Jason for Emmie. She is an amazing companion to me, and I love the feeling of being needed. Ok I know she is "just a dog," but she is more than that to me. She provides a lot of comfort when I feel down because that is our dog and she knows something is missing too:)