25 September 2008

Day Six.

So financial aid is a serious headache. I am trying to get it figured it and am patiently waiting to see if in some way I will get a little help. If we end up having to pay this quarter out of pocket it is going to put a pretty big damper on paying off other things. Boo! I did find out today though that I can be done in a year. I have a lot of my field hours done and not that many classes and lectures left. I cant wait to tell Jason! I will get most of it done while he is gone, and then when he gets back I will be able to finish up. My goal is looking like it is in reach: finish school before a family...yay!

For the next few days I have to figure out insurance and some of our other bills before school and work start next week. I hope it helps time fly. I was already thinking tonight about April. :) Oh my lord I cant wait to see Jason on R&R and I still have so long to go haha.

I almost have a week knocked out of this damn thing though woot woot.