21 September 2008

Day Two

So today is worse than yesterday. I consumed myself in the house today and trying to get done the things that needed to be done. I spent all day sorting, packing, moving boxes, cleaning, and had no time to sit and think about the situation. Tonight is another story. I still have so much to do tomorrow before I leave, but I feel emotional knowing he has made it to that side of the world and this is it the last night at our home. I sure hope the third day will be an easier one and continue that pattern from here on out. The feeling of lonely has taken over all the rest. A part of me has exited. The one that is left feels lost. No doubt Jason is my other half because without him I'm incomplete.

Jason, remember when I said I didn't want you to leave me and you said you weren't? You told me you were going to go do your job. Thanks for that. Tonight it has brought me comfort knowing this isn't permanent and you would never leave me, but that you have a job to do. I'm so very proud of you and cant wait for this to be over with so we can continue to build our life together.


xoJenJenxo said...

We will get through this together, I promise you!! We are strong!

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