04 October 2008

Day Fifteen.

Another phone call and another great day. I love seeing some crazy looking number show up on my phone. It is amazing what one simple phone call and one simple voice will do. We were able to talk today for thirty whole minutes haha even if it was two I would still be just as excited. I miss Jason beyond words, but am so glad he is doing ok.

I never brag much about my husband and my marriage, but I feel like saying how truly blessed I feel. I have an amazing marriage. No, it is not perfect because no marriage is, but we have been through some hard stuff and this deployment is just adding to the "hard list." We have our arguments or days just like any other marriage, but we never go to bed mad at each other. We are surrounded by bad marriages on a daily basis (thank you Army), but it gives us something to talk about and thank each other for not being that person...yea we do talk crap ha. Without a doubt Jason is my best friend and the one person in this world that completes me. We have worked hard to have a great marriage and relationship, and in the end it has done nothing but reward us. I have never believed in soul mates, but maybe it is truly a possibility or maybe I am just lucky. Others will fail, but at the end of this bump in the road we are going to come out on top like always. We have a beautiful future together. :)

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