29 October 2008

Day Forty.

Day forty and an email! I got my first email from Jason today. Woot! Ahh seeing his name in my inbox made my whole day. We are getting sooo close to six weeks down. In five months I will be days away from seeing him. Eeek!

And now a little bit of business...

I gave my blog address out to many of you. I don't expect comments from anyone, but lately have thought about taking this blog and making it private so it isn't for the general public. I have enabled comments to be given anonymously so you don't have to be a Blogger user. Please if you have read this entry(even on another day) leave me a comment at least with your name. If not many of you are reading I may go ahead and set it to private to be on the safer side. Thanks!


xoJenJenxo said...

AWWW I am so glad you heard from Jason! You are doing so AMAZING and soon, he will be home in your arms. I love you xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hiiiiiii Flamingo!

<3 your secret admirer :)

Anonymous said...

Jen read.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading!


Anonymous said...

Just poping over to thank you both for your service to our country! You ROCK!

Sara said...

I'm reading too!

Your friend in the north :)

Anonymous said...

I'm reading!!!

<3 lucy

Anonymous said...

I'm reading too!


Anonymous said...

Tsa- you know I read it...BTW it's your twin. I'm at work so not signed into my blog name =)

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