13 October 2008

Day Twenty-Four.

It has been a week since I have heard anything from Jason. I have a hard time making myself go back to being accustomed to this lifestyle. I hate the thought of going through this for a damn year. I hope once he gets settled he can be in contact more. I know this is just one of those great perks of deployment (sarcasm), and my gosh does it suck. Fingers crossed. Hopefully in the next few days it is my day. I'm sick of hearing how everyone's husband is but mine ha.

On another note today was another busy one. I had work and then school. I had a speech today that I ended up with a 91/100 on. I could have done better, but that isn't too bad. Emmie was so hyper when I got home tonight. She ran laps downstairs, played with almost every toy here, pissed off the other dogs, humped Sulli, pulled on my pant leg, barked until I had a headache, and spent thirty minutes trying to find a place to hide her cookie. I have no idea where the treat it ended up btw. Jason and I love her, but it never ends she is always up to something. :)

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