18 October 2008

Day Twenty-Nine.

Last night I laid in bed and just as I began to think of Jason my phone rang! We got to talk for thirty minutes and every time we get to I feel refreshed. Whenever this whole situation begins to get to me all I need is a phone call or to hear something from him and I feel 100% like I can face anything.

Today I spent the entire day to myself. I watched TV, movies, cooked dinner for just me, and took a nap. I also spent a good chunk of time on the phone catching up with some of the girls. I really miss them! However, today was really something I needed. It may make me sound like a complete lazy ass haha, but it was also refreshing. I haven't had any "me time" or time off to enjoy a day like today.

Tomorrow it is back to the grind. I have a bunch of homework for next week and a presentation to do for Monday. I also need to finish laundry, pick up the house, get ready for work this week, all of those fun things, and I am going to make dinner and have my brother over. Another busy week starts tomorrow.

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