10 October 2008

Day Twenty-One.

Emmie spent the whole day at work with me. She has been able to go a few times this week, and she sits on me desk and watches out the window or sleeps in my lap. Everyone brings her treats and she loves it. I cant make it a regular habit, but maybe once a week or so she can go.

The week has been exhausting. I cant wait for a day to indulge in my own interests like embroidering or baking (ok am I old haha), but so far every day has been go go go. Tomorrow will be another full one too boo. Maybe Sunday I'll get some down time.

I hope to hear from Jason soon too. I'm sucking without him.

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LilBoo said...

Awwww I wish I could take Sassy to work with me! Hell I wish Sassy could live with me haha!

I've had a blog for a while just never started the stupid thing till this week hah. Well I might get to see you in December. I might be in Trav City for a few days sometime in Dec for Miguel's company xmas party. I miss you too Tsa! I'm lonely out here in AZ.