15 October 2008

Day Twenty-Six.

Jason called again as I was falling asleep last night. We talked for almost a half an hour. I am so glad to have heard his voice and that we were able to catch up on everything. I'm not too happy hearing about the living conditions he is in, but being Jason he always says he has had worse. Sometimes I wonder how bad he has had it ha. It just makes me feel sad that he has to be in an awful place like he is for a year. I cant wait until he gets R&R I may treat him good haha ;)

My parents are leaving tomorrow until Monday night. Part of me was excited to have some alone time and not a hectic weekend, but part of me is sad. I haven't really "been alone" since Jason left and I'm not too sure I want to be. Ive been doing really well with everything, but I have my days and it is most likely when I'm alone I feel awful. I'll have work and school, but hopefully I find more to keep me busy if I need to. Sadly, being exhausted every day has been my sanity. I wake up at 4:30am some days and keep myself awake so I can sleep that night or go to bed early and the next thing you know its 1am and I'm not asleep. One day I am going to just crash and it is going to be so nice.

I am sending another package to Jason Friday. I was going to hold off until next week, but I am sending a bunch of stuff he will have for snacks. Yay!