11 October 2008

Day Twenty-Two.

Today was Courtney's shower. It was nice to see some of the girls from high school, but it seemed almost more like a play date. There was six of us and five babies...wow. I got caught up on all the lovely small town gossip and who married who, who is seeing who, and who had babies which was pretty damn obvious ha. I helped with a bunch of wedding stuff and after the plan was to go out. I on the other hand went home...loser? Probably so. I just haven't felt up to going out and running into a bunch of people I don't want to see or being asked where my husband is. I haven't felt like "going out" period. Last deployment it seemed like a great idea to pass time, but this time around I have no interest. I love my friends and have great memories of the going out scene, but anymore I would rather stay home. Honestly, my weekends of movies, pizza on Saturdays, games, going to bed early, being in pajamas, and spending all of that with Jason are pretty priceless. Those are my favorite days and they beat any bar :)

I am hoping for a phone call soon. Five minutes in the past week really sucks. It is hard to get use to so little communication. I feel like I have a million things to tell Jason, but when he calls I just feel overwhelmed with emotions that I forget all I wanted to say ha. I just like to hear that he is ok the most and to hear him say I love you :) Blah I miss the mister.

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