15 November 2008

Day Fifty-Seven.

I was watching TV today and a woman on there said that she wouldn't want anything different if she won the lottery. She said she loved her house, the car she drove, her husband, and her life. I wonder how many people truly feel that way. I know we all think of the things we would buy or the places we would go with a million dollars, but in all honesty would you change anything? I had to agree with the woman who said nothing in her life would be worth changing. I know how it feels to calculate the last little bit of money in the bank or to be late paying a bill or even to max out a credit card, but I would never change my life. We may not have a ton of money or many fancy things, but in all honesty I love my husband and the things we do have. The most important thing is happiness not a million dollars and an exotic vacation. Although many days it would be nice I honestly don't think there is one thing I would change. I love my simple life. :)