02 November 2008

Day Forty-Four.

Ahh I woke up in the middle of the night and had an email from Jason. He is pretty fantastic. I spent the day with my mom since both my brother and dad are out of town. We went out to dinner and to do my monthly shopping. I haven't had to spend too much on groceries or essentials, but about once a month I go buy the things I need for meals and snacks for my busy days at work and school. I also bought some things to send to Jason tomorrow. Yay! The best news is they had one Wii Fit left at the store, and guess who the new proud owner is? Woot woot! The rest of the night we spent testing it out. I was so thankful to see I was of normal weight and had a great BMI haha. I still would like to lose some weight and get into ideal health to me before we begin to have a family ;) Then the regular trashy TV I like on Sunday nights and now I am in bed. Emmie is hiding her cookie under my side as I type this so she can bark at it once she is done. What a great day and a silly dog!

97. Grind Coffee
My mom taught me today how to use the machine to grind coffee. I was so delighted to pick the chocolate velvet, but then the beans wouldn't come out. Next up I picked caramel truffle and again the beans wouldn't come out. When I settled on pumpkin spice I went to grind the beans and the ledge was broken. The next thing you see is my mom and I standing in the middle of the aisle with ground beans at our feet and all over me. We laughed so hard and needless to say all that effort and I came home with a bag of Folger's haha.


Anonymous said...

Way to spill coffee beans all over the aisle!! hahah that cracked me up! And I'm so jealous of your wii fit! Seriously.. its amazing!

PS.. it took me forever to figure out how to comment on here. haha I feel so dumb!

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