07 November 2008

Day Forty-Nine.

If my coworker doesn't stop giving me chocolate and snacks every day I am going to be a fat girl. I got to work today and was presented with a custard filled donut. How can you say no to one of those? I felt bad eating it, but I did so obviously not too bad haha. Every day I am gifted with mini candy bars, chocolate, pretzel sticks, cheese and crackers, etc. She is like the guilty pleasure fairy. I sure love her though...I mean who else is going to bring me a donut to work?

I haven't signed up for our Christmas party yet because it says "Bring your husband or wife!" That makes me a sad panda. Maybe I can sign Jason up and get his raffle ticket for an extra chance of winning a prize though??? Hmm I'm always scandalous like that ha.


Roxanne said...

your too funny "fat girl" hahaha dork! sowwy about the christmas party..:( try to have a good weekend dear!

Lindsay said...

lol how can you resist that donut? i so couldn't!haha. Enjoy the desserts, hey it's the holidays hehe! I remember deployments, they suck so much! Right now I am away from my boyfriend but it's only a month, nothing compared to deployments!

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