05 November 2008

Day Forty-Seven.

The future is nothing I can change, but I feel sad for anyone who voted for someone because he wants to bring the troops home. We all want the troops home, but no matter who is President it isn't going to happen tomorrow. I feel sad for simple minded people who believe my husband will be home more often and maybe even sooner than the end of next year. In reality that isn't going to happen. Obama has plans for other countries so in a few years I will be thanking you for pulling my husband out of Iraq so he can get new fresh scenery in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan.

While I am extra bitchy today I am going to end on one thing that really gets to me. I feel sorry for simple minded people who also do not believe my husband wants to do his job. No one wants to leave their family for a year or live in a dangerous area with shitty conditions, but Jason loves his job and I feel bad that I even have to remind people of that. Some of our friends think he doesn't feel he has other options since it is a steady paycheck or that he really doesn't like it, but none of those things should have to be justified. If anyone would want him home and safe every night there answer is obviously me. As far as a steady paycheck get a grip my husband is freakin smart and could do any job you handed him. I sometimes question the senseless taste of someone who feels they know what my husband wants as if he doesn't know for himself. If anything shut your trap and just stand behind him and support him.

So that is it. I pray for the goodness of this country and my thoughts are left there. I am a prime example of the hundreds of thousands of other military wives who are scared and worried about their husbands and their family in the future. Back to supporting my husband and everyone else who is truly affected by any of this. Lord knows I dont need to discuss taxes or abortions.

88. Vote
I did it giving me the right to write this post.

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Roxanne said...

people are stupid. and for someone to tell you that..wow...they don'tknow shit..esp about the military. and they can fuck off!