01 November 2008

Day Forty-Three.

Some people cant stand their in-laws or have nothing to do but complain about them. Honestly, I have been blessed to have an extended family that I feel comfortable with. I know my husband isn't as close to his family as many people are, but they sure do love him...and me :) It was nice to spend the day with them. We caught up on everything in the family and of course Jason and then went to dinner. Emmie spent the day torturing the cat like we figured she would do and playing with cat toys. My MIL wanted us to stay, but I didn't pack for that and honestly don't think well actually I know I'm not ready to sleep up in Jason's room without him there with me. I was sad not to have him there when I got there, and sad when I made the drive back. Overall though it was the best it could be and they are talking about possibly driving up to see me soon. Yay!

It has been six weeks since Jason left. It doesn't feel like it has been that long and then it feels like it is too short to consider it much for how long the time apart will be. I feel accomplished when every week I can add a number to my total that has passed. I cant wait to claim victory when this is all over with and to have my husband back home again. Life is so much better with him by my side.


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