23 November 2008

Day Sixty-Five.

Marriage over time becomes a dependence on another person for the love, nurturing, partnership, companionship, etc that you want and need in life. Isn't it funny that when you marry someone who has a job like the military it is the love, nurturing, companionship, partnership etc that you need of yourself. It is the independence you must accept on yourself instead of the dependence on your partner. I spend a lot of time married and alone. The thought of the amount of time I am without my husband would scare a lot of people, but accepting that and being okay with it is what makes it not only bearable but successful.

I would love my husband with a 9 to 5 job and home 365 days a year too, but I also love my husband just the way he comes without a 9 to 5 and some times never even home one day out of that 365. Truthfully, I wouldnt change it. I know he loves what he is doing and come on being married to a real America hero is hard to beat. ;)

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