22 November 2008

Day Sixty-Four.

The wedding ended up being so hectic, but I am happy for Courtney and Alexx. I think if they lived closer things may have been smoother because they could have planned it with more things set in stone. I realize being married and dateless sucks. I missed my husband so much more today being at an event like that. Anything where you wish you didn't have to go alone to makes being apart so much harder. I kept it together though up until they played our song and then I was a bit emotional. As I was about to make the drive back though he called. It was perfect timing to tell him about everything and a nice ending to a long day.

Now the majority of my friends are married. Yay! Next year we might save even more money with less dresses to buy haha. :)


Sara said...

I know how you feel, I have had stand-in dates for more events than I can remember. People couldn't even keep track of which one I was actually dating because they saw him so rarely. Luckily I had a few amazing guy friends who were more than happy to be my back-up when I needed them.

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