18 November 2008

Day Sixty.

I believe this whole week may end up being crappy. I got to talk to Jason this morning and was very excited to actually get a few minutes to do so. I emailed him last night and kind of told him I felt broke down. The basic I'm sad, emotional, and lost without you stuff, but that I know in the end this will strengthen both of us individually and together. I don't want him worrying about me, but he is my sanity and the one person I feel I can tell everything to. So I thought after this morning I would hear form him again and that didn't happen. I couldn't help but feel disappointed that he didn't get back online, but it just is a feeling you cant escape. I know it is not him and in no way would I be disappointed with him it is just the situation and feeling so small not to be able to change any of it.

He has been very busy with everything lately and working hard. I'm grateful that I even have communication with him, but I cant wait until I can just talk to him about everything or joke about the world. I really miss my best friend and so far this week it has gotten the best of me.


Sara said...

Day 60. 2 months down, that's something to be thankful for.

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