13 December 2008

Day Eighty-Five.

My MIL called early this morning to let me know they were coming to see me! It was a surprise visit because my list today included a million things to do. They drove the two hours up and we exchanged Christmas gifts and spent some time together. Jason and I bought them two bottles of wine and a few gift cards to different places to go out to eat. They got me an America Express gift card. Ohh shopping! I took them to dinner and then they headed back home before the roads got too bad. It was nice to see them and to have them here since I have been too busy to make it down this month. I always enjoy being around Jason's family because they are a part of him and I fit in so well you know ha. :)

Tomorrow is my Christmas with my parents and brother. Neal and I (ohh and Emmie too!) fly out Friday afternoon to head to Georgia and I will be down south until the beginning of January. It will be a nice little break, but a bittersweet one too to be by myself without Jason since we have been lucky enough to spend the last two together. I'm going to miss him, but cant wait to say it is 2009 the year my husband comes back home!

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Sara said...

oooh Amex giftcard, your inlaws must know you well haha!

Even though it is hard to be without your husband during the holidays, try to find a little silver lining like being thankful for extra time with your family and friends. 2009 will be here in no time.