08 December 2008

Day Eighty.

Jason and I originally planned on Florida for R&R, but now it looks like we will meet in Michigan and then go somewhere else. Where else is the question. We have so many endless possibilities about where we want to go or what we want to do. Should we still go to Florida? Try something else? Don't set anything in stone? I'd like to have a small idea before R&R, but we haven't had time to truly work on it. It is exciting though to have the luxury of doing what we want when he gets here. :)

I got Christmas boxes in the mail today. Yay!!! Jason should be getting his soon and then maybe we can open them soon on cam :) They are starring me in the face just waiting for me to shred them and see what is inside. He should have delayed sending them haha.

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LilBoo said...

Looks like I will be in MI in Feb for a visit and if everything works out in my life I should be moving to Trav City in the spring and then we might be off to Alaska LOL!!!!