26 December 2008

Day Ninety-Eight.

I feel like I should have a checklist of holidays to get through during this deployment. Every time I pass one I feel accomplished when I think to myself that next time we will be together for it. I've managed Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and still have plenty to pass. Hopefully after New Years and my birthday things will feel like more of a home stretch. Holidays are never easy when you spend them apart.

As for Christmas it turned out as good as it gets I guess. My favorite gift was coffee maker and gift card from Jason. He knows me so well and his gifts excited me the most this year. We have been a couple during Christmas since 2005 and have managed to spend two together and two with him in Iraq. Hopefully our Christmas count together starts to take lead and stays that way in the future! :)


d.a.r. said...

I keep telling myself that we are through Christmas!!! That should be (theoretically) the hardest part, right?

We are 1/4 of the way done and all of the major holidays are out of the way :)

xoJenJenxo said...

You are so amazing and I seriously envy you for your strength and courage that you have. You are a little over 25 % done and the rest of the time will fly by! R&R will be here very soon! You have so many wonderful things to look forward too.<333