27 December 2008

Day Ninety-Nine.

Jason spent a lot of time today making plans for mid tour leave. We are trying to decide on how many days to stay at each place, where to stay in general, what to do, etc. We want to mainly just spend time with each other and not overdo it on things to do during the day, but have the option to do so if we want to. We are now officially half way to mid tour leave. Yay!

I spent today with one of my cousins. We went out to lunch and on one of those tourist carriage rides in downtown Charleston. It was a beautiful day for something like that! We also went shopping,but it was there I decided before I buy anymore clothes I need to seriously get back into shape. So it has been decided after my birthday in two weeks this girl is going on a diet!

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jlc said...

Woo hoo for half way points! So this is stupid question but is mid-tour leave really during the middle of the tour? I know with my husband, we got to choose when to take R&R and we're doing it 10 months into the deployment so that we only have a little more than 4 months left when he goes back....

When does your hubby come home?

And yes!! That's such a good idea to start running again. It clears your head and def takes your mind off of the deployment. :)