19 December 2008

Day Ninety-One.

Wouldn't it be my luck that the day I am suppose to be heading to Georgia for two weeks a big storm comes and all flights get cancelled. My brother and I were suppose to leave this afternoon, but luck would have it and now we leave at 5:30am if all goes as planned. I am kind of sad over it because we had plans for tonight with a friend before heading to be with family. Now we will get there and go to our Grandma's house instead of April's for the night.

I did get to talk to Jason this morning though on a day it was unexpected so that always makes things a little brighter. Yesterday he sent me my very own woobie! I now have the warmest blanket in America and I am totally going to try to stuff it in my suitcase and take it with me. He is always thinking about me. :)

I better go get ready so we can leave around 2am. Goodness I am going to be exhausted tomorrow!