28 December 2008

Day One Hundred.

Well I have finally reached triple digits in this deployment. I couldn't even imagine hitting one hundred on days like two or ten in the beginning and here I am. I still have so many more to go, but like many things it feels like another landmark for this year.

One hundred days also falls on the exact day we got engaged two years ago so two good things on one great day! So I thought I would do a little reminiscing about our engagement...

Jason and I went to see my family in South Carolina right after Christmas of 06 and the day before it happened he kept telling me he wanted to watch the sunset on my grandparents dock sometime. When the day arrived that we were he said he wanted to get pictures of the sunset so I told him "Why don't you go take some pictures and come back and show me (typical haha)." He finally talked me into going too after he told me that he wanted me in the pictures with him. So we walked down to the dock together and onto the floating dock and he wasn't taking pictures ..."Aren't you going to take pictures? Isn't that what we are down here for?" haha. By that point I could tell he was nervous. "Ohhh yea" was his response. He took a few pictures with what I think was a reminder to do so from me ha. We then were watching the sunset and he had his arms around me and he turned me around. We were hugging and he began this speech (later I found out he wrote the whole thing out and practiced it every night before bed haha aww). I dont remember all of it, but it was something about how he needed me in his life and how important I have become to him. I felt him feeling around in his pocket the whole time too and wondered to myself if he was itching haha nope. He then pushed me away a little and dropped to his knee holding the ring up and said "Will you make me the happiest man in the world. Will you marry me?" Awww and with that I responded "Shut up...are you serious?" (Another typical moment from me). I started crying and said yes when I realized it wasn't a joke after all. It turned out perfect and a moment I will never forget. :)