04 December 2008

Day Seventy-Six.

Make that three.

It has been amazing talking to Jason the past three nights on webcam. It feels so good to see him and his smile. Hopefully the internet continues to work and we will be able to have better communication.

I sent out Jason's gift today finally and another box for the guys with beef jerky and a stocking for a new guy coming into the squad around Christmas time. I have my fingers crossed they all get them before the 25th. Whenever it works out J and I are going to wait to open gifts until we can together over webcam. That will be nice and hopefully make Christmas a little easier.

Other than that I am busy with work, company Christmas party, volunteering, and an exam this weekend. Wow what fun!

Did I mention I see my favorite in just about four months. Ahh I know that isn't tomorrow or anything, but ti seems much closer now that a quarter of this deployment is almost knocked out. Yay!


Roxanne said...

I'm so happy your getting to talk to him more!! :] && trhat is the cutest thing to open your presents up on webcam together!!! too cute!! :]

Sara said...

Wow, a quarter almost done? That's great and you are doing so well!