01 December 2008

Day Seventy-Three.

So it is one of those days. I know I over analyze and I worry about things. I think it comes with the separation and the emotional toll it plays on you after awhile. I feel like the past few phone calls have been a strain of some sort. I know I am overplaying this in my head, but I feel too emotional. I sometimes expect more emotion from Jason or expect him to know I need that comfort when really he cant give it to me because he doesn't know how to express it let alone be a mind reader. I know he is busy and it breaks my heart to know he doesn't get any time off or is as tired as he sounds most days. My husband hasn't had any time for cards, letters, online chats, etc and the phone calls are a few a week lately and I am so appreciative of that. I know no matter what the situation is it could always be a lot worse. I guess I just feel like I want to hear how missed I am too or have him express that to me when it just isn't possible some days.


Roxanne said...

i'm so sorry your not really getting to talk to him as much as you would like...i'm ALWAYS here if you EVER need to talk sweetie..i love you!! hang in there chicky!

Sara said...

I know I have felt that way many times and I am sure a lot of people have. It's only natural during a separation. Even though he's busy, you can bet he misses you a ton.

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