15 January 2009

Day One Hundred Eighteen.

An I miss my husband day...

After work I spent a lot of time by myself doing laundry, cooking dinner, and going to the gym. I couldn't get Jason off my mind today. I miss him so much and cant wait to share things with him again.

I miss the sound of the garage when he would pull the car in after work and how excited Emmie would get knowing it was him coming home.

I miss making new things for dinner to see Jason turn his nose up until he tries it and then finally claiming he actually likes it.

I miss all of those simple day to day things we share together after working hours.

Miss has become a popular word in my vocabulary.

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d.a.r. said...

I went out to dinner with my girlfriends here last night and we all decided we have hit the "1/3 of the way slump". Where you feel like you have been doing this forever, but you still aren't even half way there!!!

I think Jan. and Feb. will be slow, but once March hits and we are halfway, it will start speeding up!!

Hang in there, I have a lot of those "Miss" moments, too.