12 January 2009

Day One Hundred Fifteen.

I don't really need a strict diet because I am not overweight, but I do want to tone up and feel better about myself. The first stop is my food choices. I am trying to overload myself in fruit and vegetables with lean protein. I usually eat pretty reasonable, but when I don't have much of a lunch from work or even with the holidays that seems to go out of the window. I have to learn how to be more strict with what I eat. I guess this means donut girl at work will have to stop surprising me. I should have never told her I like the custard filled ones because they will forever be haunting me now when I get to work.

Next stop...the gym. :)

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d.a.r. said...

I found bringing my lunch to school/work drastically improved my eating. It's a LOT easier to make healthy choices when I am not starving and when I have a fridge full of healthy stuff to chose from!