04 January 2009

Day One Hundred Seven.

Shopping? Me? No waaaay. I caved into VS again online. I saw the cutest lingerie set in store, but they didn't have my size and I ended up looking for it online (bad I know). I also have been dying for some of their sweatpants with the Georgia Bulldogs on them. I looked at them again (ever worse huh) and they were on clearance so I added it to my cart. I checked Jason's Michigan team (uh oh) and again they were cute so I added it to the cart. I always justify my spending though if we call excuses justifying. It is my birthday this week you know and a clearance is sometimes hard to pass up. As for the lingerie when April gets here I will have all the reason in the world. Would it be bad if I said I bought two shirts and a bra too? haha.

Ok I am done shopping. :)