14 January 2009

Day One Hundred Seventeen.

Join a gym...check check.

My brother was able to get me a membership to the gym he goes to at a good rate and we went together tonight. We spent two hours in the cardio room, strength training, and then swimming. It feels super good to get back to working out and eating healthy.

Other than that it has been a slow week. I haven't heard much from Jason this week compared to other weeks, but that is ok :) I know he is doing good and no news is always good news.


jlc said...

Congrats on joining the gym! I could so use one right now with these below zero temps. Running is not even an option anymore.

Hope you hear from the hubby soon!!

rebecca said...

Yeah! Good job on the gym! :) I LOOOOVE the gym :)

Sara said...

No news is definitely good news! I hope you hear from him soon. Going to the gym is the only way I keep my sanity!

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