03 January 2009

Day One Hundred Six.

A letter! A letter! A letter!

I got back after 2am this morning, but I had to check the mail before I went to bed. I knew Jason had send a letter and it didn't get here in time before I left for vacation. When I looked on top of the mail pile was his letter in a bright green envelope! I was so excited to see his handwriting and read what he had to say as I laid in bed before going to sleep. Not going to lie it brought tears to my eyes as he talked about how much he loved me and made me smile seeing his full name signed at the end. I always laugh at how much of "chicken scratch" it really is, but seeing it signed on a letter to his own wife made me grin.


Kristen said...

Letters are the best! My hubs owes me a letter or two!

jlc said...

So happy!!!!

I LOVEEEE letters. There is something so romantic and special about the ink and seeing his penmanship. :)

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