26 January 2009

Day One Hundred Twenty-Nine.

Victoria's Secret why do you do this to me? They introduce a new line called Vintage Victoria and everything in it is classy and beautiful and would look fabulous in my bra and underwear drawer haha.

On another note I got to talk to Jason today!!! We haven't had much of a conversation if at all really since the week before last. I know things are very hectic there right now, but it is always a boost to be able to hear from him and know he is well. In the end it makes me feel better and on top of the situation making it the best that I can. <3


Michelle said...

Thanks for entering my contest! I'm sorry you're dealing with a 2nd deployment - we're just about to start our 2nd as well - his first was 4 months, this 13 month (including 1 month of training before hand) is going to be a lot harder! Will Jason be coming home at the half-way point for a couple weeks? I love your 101 list - neat idea! Praying this time goes by fast (for both of us!) and that our guys stay safe!

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