24 January 2009

Day One Hundred Twenty-Seven.

I remember when Jason was deployed last time how excited I would be for Saturday night. I loved going out with my friends for dinner or to a movie and to have a few drinks...ok most of the time we would end up at the bar. I never missed a Saturday night unless I knew for sure I would be able to talk to Jason that night. I always had things to do, people to hang out with, places to go, etc. Now it is Saturday night three years later and here I am typing this. :)

It is crazy how things change in only a few years. Of course marriage makes you slow down, but my desire I had then to go out or have such a busy social life is totally lacking. I sometimes miss those care free days , but above all I miss my Saturdays with Jason. After his last deployment we would spend Saturday nights on the phone for hours. I know he has never been a phone person, but being in a long distance relationship we spent hours on it and he never complained. Suddenly it was more important to me than going out. If I went out I wanted to be home in time to talk to Jason. I guess by then I should have known I was head over heels huh haha.

Now that we are married a lot of the time we will watch movies on Saturday night or play Wii way too late into the night. Every other Saturday is our date night and we take turns picking out the date. I always look forward to those days especially when his is a surprise and he wont tell me all week. It is our way to still keep that bond between us strong and to make sure we don't become completely "boring" while putting in an effort to be romantic. However, sometimes I think we would be just fine laying in bed together and watching The Colbert Report on Jason's laptop while we eat popcorn than going out on date night.

When he left so did my Saturday night. My phone isn't ringing off the hook anymore from friends who want to go out. Saturday nights are just intended to be spent at home with him. The only problem? He isn't here for it ha.


Kristen said...

Yeah, my Saturdays are much the same. I spent last night watching tv with my sister. I just don't go out anymore, and all my friends have moved away.

J.L.S. said...

Oh the weekends... I love them because I get a break from cleaning up poop... or worrying about having to clean up poop, but there is nothing to do. I don't get to spend the whole day talking to him, I don't ever have plans. All of my friends have moved all over the state. They are kind of depressing! I can't wait to have a date again! :)

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