19 January 2009

Day One Hundred Twenty-Two.

My computer crashed at work today. Mondays really do suck.

It was such a stressful day around the office that I couldn't wait until quitting time. I usually am excited at the end of the day anyway ha, but I met up with my mom and had a cup of coffee. I love when we can do that on hectic days.

I also did awesome at the gym tonight and worked my butt off. I thought I was going to talk to Jason so I went earlier than normal, but that ended up not happening when I got home. We haven't talked too much lately and I sure do miss him. Hopefully tomorrow I will hear from him. We shall see :)


d.a.r. said...

Yuck for Mondays!! At least it is over with. One less Monday until he is home :)

jlc said...

Glad you met up with Mom. If it wasn't for her I don't know how I'd last through this deployment.

Hope you hear from him tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

mondays do suck!!!

miss you

<3 flamingo!