17 January 2009

Day One Hundred Twenty.

I should have discovered SparkPeople forever ago. I love the fact that I can track my nutrition and what I eat each day. I also love that I can workout and put in what I did to see how many calories I have burned. I am still discovering all the benefits of the website, but seriously it is like having my own fitness coach haha.

Do you use SparkPeople?

Speaking of fitness I have to brag...just a little. Every unit on post is doing "Walk to Iraq and Back." The point of it is to calculate the miles you walk and turn them in. They have groups doing walks at the gym or treadmill groups etc. The kids are even able to walk at recess and add their miles to their parent's unit. It is a super great idea to help motivate spouses and even the children. The amount of miles so far has put the group from Alaska to Baghdad and now half way back home! This is where my bragging comes in...our unit is ahead by a few thousand miles. The wives are working their asses off to be at the top haha. It makes me laugh that the guys work their asses off to be recognized as "the best of the best" there and then the spouses pull through yet again on a challenge given. Yay!

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jlc said...

I heard about that!! And good for you! If you can't brag on your blog where can you? ;)