25 February 2009

Day One Hundred Fifty-Nine.

Each year I really enjoy the challenge of Lent and giving something up that I feel will better myself as a person. I love the idea of food products and/or things we over indulge in, but I always feel like after 40 days it may teach me nothing.

I have a few ideas floating in my head and still haven't made a final decision yet.

I have to say though that this year I am more excited to what comes towards the end of Lent...my husband. :)


Jamie said...

Awww I'm excited for you, Teresa! So soon! And I finally have the hang of this- yay!! Thank you : )

rebecca said...

I've never really given something up for lent, since I'm not Catholic it's not something we've done in our family. But I like the idea of it!

Soooo excited for you! That's really soooon!

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