17 February 2009

Day One Hundred Fifty-One.

Call me bitchy but I am on edge about complaining today. I do my fair share of complaining about deployment, the Army, the military, my husbands job, whatever it may be some days, but I try not to make a habit of it. I think sometimes it is fun to point fingers at the above when Ive had a bad day haha. However, you can only dish out so much of it. Many days I wake up and go on with my life as if I have my own because that is the attitude you are suppose to have right? Yes some days are very hard, but I don't feel the need to remind the world that each and every day my husband is gone and I am sad. *As a side note it could also be dangerous to do so if you live alone.

So my point is none of this is a walk in the park and being without your husband and my husband sucks. I know this and everyone else who has a SO that is part of any other branch of the military does too. I have a low amount of sympathy to read each and every day on peoples "status" and/or messenger and/or blogs that they miss their husband. I miss mine too, but I don't feel it is healthy to whine every day over it. We all know what job they signed up to do and it is hard I get that, but it is the best time to be positive not just for yourself but for them too. Not every day has to be happiness, but if you are reminding me, the world, and yourself on a daily basis time apart will always be just as hard especially on yourself.

Ahhh end rant :)


d.a.r. said...

AMEN!!! I seriously spent this weekend gagging every time I logged onto facebook. It was ridiculous. Yes, it is hard, but geeeze, your life didn't end!!

Kristen said...

Seriously! I get so irritated! Boohoo, I put my husband on a plane back to Afghanistan the other day... life goes on. Put on some big girl panties!

Anonymous said...

Amen sista!!!

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