15 February 2009

Day One Hundred Forty-Nine.

I know there are many people out there that have no interest in Valentine's Day or think it is a ridiculous holiday, but I happen to enjoy it. I guess it is the fact that it is just a special day to express your love for someone seems romantic to me. On the other hand I do know you don't need one day to do so and I feel lucky that my husband does a good job every other chance he gets. However, for each Valentine's Day we have been an item he has always done an amazing job at choosing something that surprises me or has the right words to say that make February 14th special to me. Now that I am thinking of the past ones I cant believe there has been four haha.

Jason called yesterday morning and woke me up. He had sent a box that I received the night before and I was able to open it while he was on the phone. Inside was a bear for Emmie and a box of Godiva chocolates (above) with a card. He had a picture of us put on the card along with a small message he wrote wishing he could be here. <3

It makes me a sad panda to say only one of my boxes made it to him and it wasn't his Valentine's Day gift. Hopefully soon though.