13 February 2009

Day One Hundred Forty-Seven.

I lost a diamond in the ring Jason gave me for Valentine's Day last year.

I was super sad because I never stuck to the warranty thing and went to have my rings checked like I should. I ended up talking to customer service who referred me to the jewelry store close to me. The lady there said she would help me out and get the paperwork sorted to get my rings back under warranty. It was such a relief because I didn't want to feel like Jason was disappointed in me or more like at myself. I got there today and she ended up checking my rings and sending in the one I wear on my middle finger to have the diamond replaced. She cleaned my rings and signed my paperwork . Now I have pretty shiny rings and one that is MIA for hopefully only a week. I feel so much better :)

I also am having a love affair with these...

but I haven't decided if Jason would kill me yet for spending $120 on them haha.


J.L.S. said...

ooooo! I love those!

And yay for getting your rings back under warranty!

Sara said...

Are those Steve Madden? I bought a pair that looked just like them and ended up returning them and spent my money on a different pair. They looked great in photos, but sort of cheap up close :(

Unknown said...

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