09 February 2009

Day One Hundred Forty-Three.

Am I right or am I right?

No matter how much you prepare as a spouse for deployment or feel like you are ready or you have it completely down you aren’t. Although it is your significant others job you would like to think that for them being away from you is a little easier. I mean aren’t they always preparing for the "mission first?” Even if it is not the case they seem to deal with it better, and lets be completely honesty all of those emotions we both may feel as women we tend to show it more. When you spend as much time apart as a deployment gives it can often take a toll on you. I know it can’t be easy for either side of the party, but sometimes to feel like you are missed just as much as the person you are missing makes things seem a little easier. There is nothing better than having a phone call, an email, a message, anything just to say, “Hey you know what I was thinking of you and just want you to know I miss you.” I know it doesn’t have to be something you hear often, but there are days where it would be nice to know after so long apart all the missing you are doing is reassured that someone else is doing the same amount of missing you.


Michelle said...

You are most definitely right!

Mrs. Mootz said...

Yeah. Sometimes I feel like it's harder for me here at home than for Stonewall because I'm not the one going away and doing new things. I know that's not true, but it feels that way sometimes.