06 February 2009

Day One Hundred Forty.

Sad face.

Today I was going through my saved messages on my BlackBerry. As I went to delete one I accidentally hit "delete prior" and everything under it was gone. Normally this wouldn't bother many people as much as it has for me, but I did have a bunch of saved messages from my husband. You know how you keep the messages that means something or make you smile? Yea yea yea admit it we all do it especially when our husbands aren't around. Well now I have nothing. I am pretty much a sad face at this point.

Too bad he isn't in an area where his phone works and he could send me one to add to my now empty folder. Boo!


jlc said...

Oh no!!! I do the same thing. I save all texts. :(

I got sad a month ago when I realized all my saved voicemails were no longer saved and I couldn't listen to them anymore before going to bed.

Carissa said...

Aww, bummer! Like jlc, I save all my voicemails, but they automatically delete. Hate that!

J.L.S. said...

Oh no!!!! I saved the last few texts he sent me. And every time I get a voicemail from him, I save it. But, like jlc and Kiki, they auto delete every so many days. I currently have no more voicemails of him. :(

Roxanne said...

Oh noo!! I do that ALL the time on my BlackBerry... LAME!! Sorry sweetie!! I hope you are doing very good!

Michelle said...

ugh!! I hate when that happens! and you're so right - we do save emails, voice mails, answering machine messages...I'm sorry you lost your messages :(

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