26 February 2009

Day One Hundred Sixty.

My 25

The color pink adds new appeal to any technology product to me. If it comes in pink it goes on my wish list.

I find nutrition and health to be very important and refuse to feed my husband crappy food.

I use vanilla Coffee-Mate in my coffee every morning.

I would vote Sarah Palin for President any day.

When I first met my husband I told him I would never date someone in the military and he claimed he would be a bachelor his whole life so it didn’t matter haha that went far.

I think claiming best friends can be catty and that if you are married and you don’t think your spouse is your best friend there could be a problem.

I hope to add a dog and three kids to our family…one day.

I have a habit of staying up late online in bed when Jason is gone.

I use to want to be a journalist until I took a child development in high school and realized my real passion was with children.

I read textbooks, articles, websites, etc on developmental growth and babies for fun. It does help that I own most of it for school and my jobs as a nanny and teacher, but I one day will probably be the most paranoid over informed mother around.

I have learned to laugh rather than cry (most days) that I live alone more often than not with the amount of time Jason spends training, being deployed, and going to the field.

The best advice someone gave me before my wedding was to look at my husband when I walked down for his reaction and no one else’s because everyone would be looking at me as the bride. I can’t even tell you who I saw when the doors opened because I was so focused on him and his big smile. Maybe I was the only one that saw it, but it still makes my heart melt thinking about it.

I have a wine bottle collection.

I love potatoes friend, baked, au gratin, on the grill, in a casserole, pretty much anyway them come and of course fattening. They are my favorite food.

I’ll be a Tahoe mom before a van mom.

I have always thought I wanted to visit Italy more than any other country, but now I think my top choice is Switzerland.

I could bake all day because it never gets old to me. I pretty much love it.

I have expensive taste but very rarely do I indulge in it.

I never liked wine until Jason and I had a glass when we went out to dinner to celebrate our engagement. My cousin suggested Riesling to us and we have been hooked ever since.

I want my future children’s gender to be revealed at birth instead of in an ultrasound.

Trace Adkins is my celebrity rush sitting pretty next to Kevin James. One can sing to me while the other one makes me laugh.

Captain Crunch is my favorite cereal. I don’t buy it often because I know the end result is me eating the whole box.

I stopped eating fast food “beef” over ten years ago.

I would one day like to visit Hershey, PA so I can eat extreme amounts of chocolate and ride all the rides at the theme park. Maybe not too many roller coasters since that always results in me telling Jason how much I dislike him haha.

My least favorite holiday is Christmas.


Sara said...

I Love your 25 random things! We are so alike. The only thing I wanted for my birthday was a pink laptop cover. Switzerland is my favorite country I've visited so far, and have been to Hershey park at least 5 times haha

Mrs. Mootz said...

Stonewall and I had our first date at Hershey. The funniest thing...they had a stand for s'mores and when we ordered one they told us they were out of chocolate. I was confused by that to say the least.

Post Tenebras Lux said...

We waited until E was born to find out whether he was a boy or a girl, and I definitely recommend it. It kept me going through labor, knowing that I was finally going to get to meet this little person--and find out whether "Kitten" was a he or a she!

And I'm right there with you on the staying up late part. . . .

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