05 February 2009

Day One Hundred Thirty-Nine.

We have America's worst dog. I once though about sending her to obedience school..okay maybe ten times I toyed with the idea. Jason thinks his dog is the best dog ever though and doesn't think she would need it so it always changes my mind. At Christmas time we went over a list of questions together and if you score so many points your dog more than likely needs training. Emmie failed THE WHOLE test. This dog has a personality like no other. She is a six pound "big dog." She chases squirrels and ravens, barks at the windshield wipers in any car or the car next to ours, pounches on objects like a cat, scratches the shower floor when someone gets out, throws her food around (and the girl has some distance), and even sleeps on her own pillow. Sure there is much more like how she chases my MIL's cat around or walks around the house for an hour with a cookie in her mouth trying to find the right spot to hide it or even the fact that she bites one object in a fit towards getting another object from us. I could go on and on about Emmie and how spoiled she is, but the sad part is she knows she has Jason and I wrapped around her little paw. She knows by going potty on her pad she will get a treat so at night she will tinkle (literally a tinkle lol) on her pad and let Jason know so she can get her yogurt drop. Some nights she will go back to the pad up to five times and when she doesn't get her treat she refuses to get off of him. It makes me laugh thinking of him setting her down and she is baaack. She knows how to work her magic. So I have put more thought into "boarding school" for Emmie and as cute as she is maybe she needs some help getting a clue. I mean most dogs don't wait for their pillow to be fluffed at night, but this girl does. I know we are her enablers haha, but sometimes I wonder about adding on to our family with Emmie's ideas of being a princess. Someone once said she would grow out of it lol but Emmie is no longer a puppy and has never grown out of it.

Ahh the more I type about her the more I laugh. I probably could never enroll her in school knowing that like Marley and Me we would be on our way home early because Emmie just didnt pass class. She is lucky we love her. ;)


jlc said...

Awww haw hawwww how cute does he look all passed out in that second one?!

My sister has a Yorkie named Cooper. They are just too cute even on their "bad days" though. :)

rebecca said...

And she just looks so sweet and innocent lying there, lol!

Cute cute cutie cute! :)

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