03 March 2009

Day One Hundred Sixty-Five.

The one question I use to cringe at being asked the first few months of this deployment was, "How much longer?" No matter how that question was worded I never liked it. Now though I find myself starting to enjoy it. Maybe it is R&R around the corner and being able to say "He will be home in September, but in a few weeks I get to see him." I love that people remember me and the situation enough to ask because they know he is overseas. I also enjoy when they say "we" like the lady who gave me my massage last week who asked how many more weeks do we have until leave. Today at the gym or even at work it was the same question. I feel like I am answering it on a daily basis and at this point I don't mind. Once we hit the halfway mark in a few weeks it is all climbing downhill from there. Could it be that deployment no longer seems unbearable?!

Just a few more weeks. Less than six longer that than two...somewhere in there. :)

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