19 March 2009

Day One Hundred Eighty-One.

I wouldn't say I am a dating expert because I haven't dated in close to four years. However, my dad's best friend likes to think so. I am not so sure what this new thing is as far as texting after a date instead of calling, but heck a fifty year old knows that in today's world that is what you do. This girl though? Not a clue. Craig is a guy who I have known since I was young. My dad met him when we moved to Michigan and our families became close. This was before Craig lost his stepson to cystic fibrosis, had a stroke, and his wife left him...lots of baggage there. Today though Craig is a man of the internet. He is dating his future girlfriends from dating websites.

On Saturday Craig begin asking me certain things about dating. One of those questions was (you would have to know Craig after his stroke to not be surprised by this) how to ask a woman if she was heavy? haha. It doesn't stop there though Craig has now asked what fruit compared to a body woman's shape (apple, pear, banana) means, how to ask where she would like to go on a date to, map directions to the location of the potential date, if it would be okay to text her, and even what it meant that she sent him a Saint Patrick's Day card on Tuesday.

Craig is just hitting the dating ropes and he has been leaning on me for dating advice, but little does he know that I have no idea myself. I just hope he doesn't scare this woman off Saturday after all he has what he thinks is a great coach to get him that first date haha.


Jamie said...

Ha, that is really cute!!

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