29 March 2009

Day One Hundred Ninety-One.

I am not one of those wives who cant breathe without my phone. I don't always have it on me or freak out when I cant find it for a split second. I don't expect too many phone calls and I can give a sincere thank you to Jason for that because I don't panic when my phone isn't with me at all times. Today was one of those days where I heard it ringing and figured whoever is calling I will just call back later. I had a feeling though that maybe I should get it. Good thing because when I looked at it the number was one of those call from Iraq fun phone numbers. Yay! The internet is out again where he is...surprise? No not so much. I cant believe we pay as much as we do per month for it really. Anyways, that is another story for another time haha. We were able to talk for almost a half an hour and it has been awhile since we have had a phone conversation. It was refreshing to hear his voice and discuss life for a little while. He told me a little about his schedule making his leave a little more of a reality in the near future. I think as time gets closer we get more excited, but since we are both so busy right now it still feels surreal that we will see each other soon.

In other deployment news am I really that close to 200 days?! Pfft I think so. :)


lola said...

Not going to lie, looking at your numbers make me a little jealous! I'm slowly inching towards 100 though! :)

You've got to love that almost uncanny sense when the phone rings and you just *know* that it is the hubs! Ah, I love it!

Sara said...

I always forget to have my phone on me, but it doesn't bother too much since I won't miss much either. I'm glad you thought to pick it up though!

JB said...

You're funny! I always kept my phone next to me, even though he didn't call very often. I know I was lame, but I had high hopes. Next time around, not so much.

I'm glad he called, I know how much you've missed his voice. But, soon sooooo very soon you'll be hearing that voice in person. YAHOOOOOOOO!

p.s. you're kicking the dirty d's butt!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh i completely lose it when i miss a call. haha i'm such a baby.

And you're getting so close! (I am jealous) But happy for you!

We could possibly be leaving Alaska once husband gets back. That is if everything goes smoothly for what he has lined up for him. So we shall see! =)

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