13 March 2009

Day One Hundred Seventy-Five.

I have never been one to really push myself at the gym or working out. I have been lucky to be on an average size as far as weight goes without much exercise to maintain it. I never calculated calories or watched what I was eating, but now something is catching on. I would go to the gym and do a little bit in the cardio room and some of the weight machines and call it good usually. Now I go and push myself a little harder or mix it up more than I did the day before. I have been going to the gym four times a week and working out one to two days a week at home. I am watching what I eat as far as calories go and making sure I am getting a variety of food groups. I am not depriving myself of things I crave though haha.

I feel amazing. It has taken almost two months to get to this point, but I feel like I can make goals as far as working out and pushing myself and actually be able to reach them now. I think this is only the beginning because I am actually starting to really enjoy the gym and working out at night and the way I feel after. I have a long way to go as far as fitness goals that I would like to reach on toning my body but I am confident. I ran tonight further than I have in so long and I felt amazing. I love being able to do more and more each week. I think it is what keeps me wanting more.

I also hope when Jason gets back we can go for jogs together and/or workout at the gym more often as something we enjoy doing together. It gives me a little somehting more to look forward to. :)


jlc said...

Awesome update!!!! Looks like you're well on your way!!

Mrs. Mootz said...

That's awesome!! Keep up the good work! I'm trying to get where you are now...I hate the gym, but I'm making myself go...I hope i start to like the routine of it soon (and the results). Afterall, I want to look stunning for the hubs when this deployment is OVER!!!

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