12 March 2009

Day One Hundred Seventy-Four.

Answer Answers Answers!

How much longer until R&R?

R&R is less than a month but more than two weeks from now. Some time in the close future. I am sure my excitement as the day comes will totally give it away though. ;)

What state are you living in now?

Right now I am in Michigan. I will be here for a few more months before going back to Alaska. Jason’s family is two hours south of where I am at and I am with my family in a more northern part of the state.

How is Jason doing?

Great! As far as I know he is doing his job and enjoying it. Obviously Iraq isn’t ideal to anyone, but Jason never complains. If he ever does he probably is doing it in his head to himself haha.

Do you and Jason have any nicknames for each other?

We have no nicknames that aren’t the typical kind. He likes to use Boo Bear or anything with Boo in it to make me laugh. I can’t handle the “snuggle bunny” nicknames without laughing. A few years ago we played Scattegories and he wrote “Boo Bear” as a nickname for the letter B. When I laughed at him and said no one wants to be called that he responded with, “Ok Boo Bear.” Sooo now it is the running joke between us. I refer to him as the mister or my favorite, but never do I call him those things around the house. Ill sign letters or emails with “I love you mister,” but that is about it.

So when are you guys going to have a baby?

Hmm?! Probably in the not so far maybe close future haha. We have discussed the potential of starting a family, but have decided when the time comes to keep quiet. I think the best part of starting a family is the excitement between the two people trying. I would love to hold out with telling anyone until after the first trimester, but we will see how far that goes too ha. I think we will leave the conceiving part, the gender, and the name all a mystery to everyone as well. I will say this though it is not this year ha.

When are you going to visit me?

Jessica Flamingo - Maybe I can come down when Mason is born after things are less hectic, but for sure we wont be as far apart as we are now for very much longer. One day maybe Matt and J will actually be stationed in the same place. That would be the greatest! :)


jlc said...

Yay for not being the only one with baby nicknames for their Beau!! Haha!!

Liked your answers. I'm glad to hear he is doing well!! AND coming home soon!

LilBoo said...

You knew I had to ask =) Yeah I said I wouldn't spill the beans till after the 1st trimester also but that didn't work lol. I should of asked when are we getting together too lol.

ABW said...

R&R will be here before you know it! Glad everything is going well!

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