14 March 2009

Day One Hundred Seventy-Six.

Today was a great day. I spent the day with my dad and haven't done that in so very long. We had lunch together, went to the casino, out to dinner, and went to see a live band. It was a good time and nice to spend quality time with him like that. I know when I leave again those are the things I miss most about family. I better get them in while I can. :)


jlc said...

That's exactly how I feel about living at home right now. I know I'm gonna miss those special dates with my mom. Time is sooo precious and soon we'll be living with our hubbies again. :)

hmb said...

I feel you. We havent been assigned a base yet but unless they tell him its ft campbell we will be a long way from home! I'm a big mama's girl!!

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